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CPD’s History

The Centre for Document Personalization has been founded in January 2001. The first personalized document was an identity card in the form of a polycarbonate card in the  ID-1 format. Six months later we started to personalize Polish passports with a 10-year validity period. In the year 2006 the catalogue ofour documents was extended with biometric diplomatic passport and service passportss. In August 2006 the Centre started to issue passports containing biometric information in the form of the biometric feature (the holder’s image) saved in the microprocessor. In June 2009 the second biometric feature (digital image of the holder’s fingerprint) was placed in the Polish passport. 

At present we personalize over a dozen types types of documents directed to various recipients, including identity cards, travel documents, service documents issued to Polish citizens and Foreigners.

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