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Deputy Director 

Chief Accountant 
Urszula Polak


Document Personalization and Distribution Department

Head of Department – Phone (22) 60-17-815

The Department responsible for document personalization with the use of computer technology, control and shipment to applying entities at home and abroad.

Infomation and Communictaion Technologies Department

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-810

Department responsible for preparing of electronic data for personalization, maintenance of devices and IT systems for ensuring of reliability of the Central Document Personalization System.

Logistics and Administration Department

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-811

It carries out tasks in the scope of logistics, administrative services and management of the Centre’s property. It is responsible for preparing and conducting the proceedings related to the award of public contracts and purchasing non-personalized documents to be personalized and distributed by the Centre.

Finance & Accounting Department

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-804

The Department carries out tasks related to the fulfilment by the Centre of the function of the authorising officer and ongoing financial and accounting services.

Department of Classified Information Protection

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-887

The Department is responsible for protection of classified information and personal data processed in the Center, in compliance with the applicable legal provisions. It also plans and coordinates the implementation of the Centre’s defence tasks.

Department of the Data Processing

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-812

Department responsible for transmission of data from the General Electronic Population Register (polish: PESEL) at the request of the authorized entity and issuing certificates containing copy of processed data in register PESEL.

HR and Training Department 

The Department responsible for carrying out tasks related to human resources and control of the training policy of the employees of the Centre.

Document Technology, R&D and QC Department

Head of Department – (22) 60-17-811

It is responsible for creating the concepts of development of IT systems that ensure the functioning of the Central Document Personalization System and production systems of the Centre. It plans and cooperates in the scope of actions related to research of non-personalized documents, monitors contemporary direhe development of document personalization techniques and technologies and the protections used in them.

Independent Posts

Responsible for legal service of the Centre. The perform tasks aimed to obtain an objective and independent evaluationof the functioning of the Centre, in particular in the scope of financial management. They carry out specialist evaluations and analyses of threats in the fields affecting occupational safety and fire protection.

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